This technique began before the Islamic period and the Book of Songs talks of the beautiful song of Two Grasshoppers al-Jaradatan. They are generally gay or ironical, often jumbling and making reference to legendary beauties and symbolic places. The last verse always end with the phonem yyah. They are difficult to understand as they are generally chronograms or anagrams using a mystical science of the alphabet mixed with a large degree of humor. Apricot tree or other fruit tree wood is also used to make the instrument.

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Lute-makers are encouraged and subsidised. Many of these musicians, wishing to pass on their art to their descendants and would sometimes put the umbilical cord of their first son in the sound box of their instrument. There are just a few women in this singing school but those who did take part excelled with their usual brio and refinement. These were originally considered as musid songs for women, but men quickly claimed their share. The alfaz come within the verse or at the end of hemistiches.

Modes are generated by several means: Vocal suites are often interpreted muwic rituals invoking God dhikraccompanied by dances: The language, Arabic or another, of the poems follows strict rules, but the masters generally do not adhere to them.

The body is made of half a hollowed out coconut, which is where it gets its name, joza meaining nut tarag dialect. The strings are made of silk, nylon or various metals.


Television and radio series were recorded and widely broadcast. Modes traditionally not included in the suites: The joza follows the arabesques described by the singers in a constant dialogue. This is followed by a dialectical quatrain commentary on its meaning and serves as an introduction to the mode.


The rhythm is closely linked to the mode which is traditionally accompanied by a pulsation. They are difficult to understand as they are generally chronograms or anagrams using a mystical science of the alphabet mixed with a large degree of humor.

Mohamed Mounir-Ya Ahl El Arab W El Tarab

Foreign poems and language were banished in a nationalistic movement. The long poem written by this theorist has a curious system of notation of ranges, probably inspired by the presence of numerous Srab in Palestine and the invention of Guy of Arezzo 11th century. Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, and even Indian. Bayyât C, P or T: They travelled widely, importing the melodies, modes and techniques learned abroad.

Ritornellos dulab can be interpreted at the beginning of the suites or at the end of the song to recall the initial mode after modulations.

music arab tarab

Muwic the rhythm and the duration differ. Malgré cette tragédie, les chants mussic sont toujours vivants comme le sont les arbres et les rivières qui les ont vus aeab. Today, the maqam is aab used in Arab and Turkish-speaking countries.

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,usic Abu Humayyidthe Mulla Hasan al Babujachithe leader in his time of the Baghdad school; the Turkmenian Rahmat Allah Shiltagh ; of Khalil Rabbaz ; the unforgettable falsetto voices of hazzan Israil b. Bien que atrab et l’argile de nos corps aient fait tomber sur nous un doute, garab chose de cette musique nous revient en mémoire.


On utilise un archet très recourbé pour faire vibrer les cordes. Teaching manuals with casettes and videos came on the market as well as anthologies of poems and modal compositions, measured or not.

Princesses du chant arabe // Princesses of Arabic Song

Their imagery is constantly making connections with the sea, in distant memory of the Sumerians, the fish god Ohannes and Sinbad the Sailor who was in search of the pearl on the lost islands. Hajj Hashim Muhammad al-Rejab These were originally considered as being songs for women, but men quickly claimed their share.

During, Musique et extase, Paris, M. The repertory is often transposed in a mystical language to preserve its esoteric nature. Music from far away and from long ago By Bernard Moussali The musical tradition of Baghdad descends from a complex Arab tradition which is influenced by a number of cultures: There are other forms, but these are mostly interpreted during popular concerts: Article plus récent Article plus ancien Accueil.

music arab tarab

The modal compositions are separated taran peste from the Persian, linkquatrains and refrains. This form of poetry, now called mawwalis a song in which non-Arab servants, slaves or free men, deplore their Arab lords.

The rudiments of music and computer generated music are now admitted.